What Others Are Saying

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John Bemelmans Marciano

Madeline” author and grand son of “Madeline” creator  Ludwig Bemelmans

. Love your Skunk Zoo book, btw.
Can’t wait to read it to my own daughter!

Jeremy Robinson

Thriller Author of Pulse, Kronos, Antarktos Rising, and more.

“What a delightful book” Those were the words my six year old spoke upon reading Skunk Zoo for the first time. And the book has seen so much use in the house it now has all the scars an often read children’s book typically has. Dented and folded cover. Slightly torn pages. Though I don’t think anyone had drawn in it yet. The story is fun, easy to read and the illustrations are unique for this kind of book. Makes for interesting reading, for kids and parents alike!

 Leanor Inez Ortega Till

Sax player for Five Iron Frenzy (known then as “Jeff the Girl”)

“I have been made into a skunk rawker!!! Check out this kids book that features a girl (skunk) sax player. Buy a book today!!!”

Jeremy Bishop

Horror author of Torment

[in response to my asking him for a quote for the back of my book] Heh, I don’t know if I’d say it’s a stupid idea, but I can’t think of a scenario where a quote from me would actually help you. If anything, it might hurt. Plus, I’ve never see a kids book with blurbs on it. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think blurbs have any pull with kids books buyers. It’s all about the story and images, which you have.

Micah Ortega

Guitarist for  Five Iron Frenzy

“I love it! that was super cool!”


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