How To Help

If you are enjoying our first book, and would like to see
more, there are some easy things you can do to help get the word
out about Dancing Skunk Media. We are so thankful about all the
things people are doing to help. Of course buying the book or giving it as gifts
for birthdays and holidays is fantastic, but here are some other
things that don’t require money:

On Line

Book Sellers:

  • and use feed back to
    gage how popular a book is and how to recommend it. 

    • You can rate the book with stars and write
      short reviews (a couple of words if you like) and this will tell
      the web page’s computers to recommend the book to
  • Here is the
    review form for Amazon
  • And here is the form for Barnes and Noble.
    • When on the pages you can also click to “like” the book
      and add it to wish lists.


  • If you read blogs that have
    subject matter that touches our books (parenting, early education,
    indi art, skunks, etc) You could send a note to the blogger telling
    them about and our books.


  • If
    you are on Facebook, you can “Like” Dancing Skunk Media.
  • After that you can click on “Suggest
    to Friends” 

    • It will give you a list of your
      friends and you can click on any of them that you think would
      be interested in getting an invitation to find
      out about Dancing Skunk Media.
  • Also, when DSM posts things you find interesting, you can
    click “Share.” 

    • Then the news will be posted to
      your profile and thus it will show up in the news feeds of your
  • You could
    start by clicking “Share” on our facebook promotional video

Youtube /Tangle

  • We have our promotional
    video on Youtube and

    • Just watching them (or just
      clicking play even if you don’t watch them) helps.
    • Still it would be great if you could click “like”, Give
      it Stars, and write comments.
  • You can also email the link to friends or post them on
    Facebook/MySpace/Twitter/ or other social network 

    • The URL’s are:
    • You can just cut and past these into your
      email or post.

eMail –

In The REAL Wold –

  • At Barnes And

    • Ask to see the book “Skunk
    • They do not carry it yet, but they have
      the option.
    • This will help prompt them to look
      into it.
  • At
    any Independent Book Store / Independent Kids Store 

    • Tell them about the book and ask them to check
      out the video at
    • Suggest
      they contact us to do an 

      • Book
      • Reading
      • Q&A
  • If you see the book at a store,
    even if you are not buying it, tell them how great it is that they
    have it.


  • Suggest they pick up the book
    • or donate the book if you can.
  • Suggest they use the book for Story
  • Suggest they contact us to come and read
    it at their story time 

    • or set up somew
      other Skunk Zoo Event.
  • In NH we can usually do the reading
    for free
  • we can even share profits from books
    sold at that time with the library.

Schools / Day Care

  • Suggest they read the book to the kids
  • Let them know about the coloring sheets
    they can use after they read the book
  • Suggest
    they contact us to come and read it to the their story time or set
    up some other Skunk Zoo Event.
  • In NH we
    can usually do the reading for


  • If you read a paper
      • or know some one
        • who works on a
        • or any other news outlet
    • send them
      a note as a reader letting them know that it’s a good book and the
      Father/Daughter author team is a great story.

you so much for your time and your help.

If you have any other sugestions, let us know. If you do any of
these, let us know. If you see the book anywhere, let us


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