Dancing Skunk Media would like you to help us share the “Facebook Love” and give out a free autographed copy of the Skunk Zoo.

Here is what you do!

  1. Join the Facebook page for Dancing Skunk Media
  2. Invite your friends to join Dancing Skunk Media.*
  3. Ask them to put a note on our page that says “[your name] Sent Me”
  4. On Friday the 10th of December we will count up all the names.

– Who ever has the most will get a fee autographed copy of the Skunk Zoo!

Good Luck and thank you for helping us out!

* To get this out to your friends:

  1. go to our main facebook page.
  2. look at the list of option directly under the picture of the Ballerina Skunk in the upper left hand corner.
  3. Click “Suggest to Friends” (it’s the third one down)
  4. It will give you a window with all your friends pictures – click on each individual you want to invite, the picture will change when you do so you know you did it.
  5. Type a not at the bottom of the window under “Add a Personal Message. Tell your friends something like “Dancing Skunk Media is a fun Children’s Publisher. Please help me win a copy of their new book, Skunk Zoo, by clicking “LIKE” on their page and then posting “[your name] sent me”
  6. Click “Send Invitations” !

and you are done.


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